Institute MP3

The Book of Daniel – by Bro. Mitch Canupp (2013)

The Gospels – by Pastor Jeff Faggart (2013)

The Book of Revelation – by Bro. Mitch Canupp (2013)

How to Study the Bible by Pastor Jeff Faggart (2012)

Two Lines – A study of the biblical and corrupt line to which all bibles today can be traced. Bro. Mitch Canupp gives a casual examination to reveal major Texts and works throughout history and to what lineage they belong. (2012)

 Purified Seven Times – A study of Psalm 12:6 & 7 by Bro. Mitch Canupp (2012)

Comparing the modern versions – Bro. Mitch Canupp points out many scriptures that have been tampered with over the years. (2012)