Baptist History

Introducing Baptists to their past!

The Baptist History Preservation Society is a ministry of the Harvest Baptist Church in Rockwell, North Carolina.  Since 1997, our burden has been to preserve the rich heritage of the Baptists. This is being accomplished in a variety of ways.

  • The Baptist History tours have introduced numerous Baptists to their past. According to testimony, the trips have been a source of inspiration and instruction. There is a separate page within this site concerning the tours.
  • Erecting memorial markers in an effort to commemorate the lives and events of the faithful Baptist servants of the past will be an ongoing work. These markers are placed at graves, churches, and other sites of historical significance. To date, we have been able to dedicate numerous monuments in many different states.
  • Restoring and maintaining old meetinghouses, cemeteries, and historic sites is another important work of preservation in which we have been involved. Our last project was in Philadelphia where a crew of volunteers helped repair the termite damaged foundation of the historic Pennypack Baptist Church.
  • Procuring and restoring the rare books, writings and ephemera of the Baptists is another concern. The collection is growing constantly and our desire is to put many of these worthy materials back into print for the present generation. 
  • The vision for the future involves a museum, library and archives. Though we do not yet have a building to serve this purpose, we have already commissioned paintings which will eventually be on display in the museum. Many paintings have been completed and more are on the way. Please view the Baptist Prints page to find more information about these projects.
  • Finally, we preach and teach on the subject of Baptist history.


Thanks for your interest in this ministry. We would enjoy hearing from you. For more information on the Preservation Society please visit  – baptisthistorypreservation